Books worth reading

Here are some books, that may not be the most popular ones and certainly not the ones you have (been made to) read at school, but are still worth giving a shot.

“And Then There Were None” – Agatha Christie

Yes, a classic we are all familiar with. Every Christie book leaves the reader breathless and this one makes no exception. The book follows the story of eight people, invited on an island by a mysterious host and welcomed by the butler and the cook-housekeeper. One framed odd nursery rhyme turns out to bе prophetic, as the guests meet the same faith as the characters in the song…

Written lightly, has a gripping plot and keeps the reader on the end of their seat. Intense and full of plot-twists, “And Then There Were None” is a story that everyone should read, even if you are not so keen on criminal novels yourself.

“The Taste of Sorrow” – Jude Morgan

This historical novel follows the dramatic and passionate life of the Bronte sisters. Those young women, whose work we are all familiar with today, actually led a not less fascinating life. J Morgan brilliantly portraits the sophisticated characters of Charlotte Bronte and her sisters Ann and Emily Bronte. Each of them chooses an uneasy life path and bravely faces what life has to offer. This is a story that draws you into the era and allows you to enter the great minds of the genius Bronte women from their early childhood to their last days.


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